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Mint Julep ‘Blinded’ : Deliciously curious and tasty vibe… personal and far reaching vernacular.

Hollie and Keith Kenniff make up a deliciously curious and tasty vibe of Mint Julep. The musically over achieving duo, makes new worlds with their music, as they continue making their realities, in this world of the matrix.

With an upcoming album on the way, the duo, climbs up our mindful notions with ‘Blinded’. And continuing a discography of distinct attention and verified uniqueness, ‘Blinded’ courses through to another vision for the outfit.

Beautifully crafted, and tightly arranged, Hollie’s loving vocals, understands stipulations in wonton individualities – ready for another day’s fight but never forgetting who you’ve always been. A distinction of ingratiating delight and pomp, for the regular soul – seeking and wanting.

The wife-and-husband duo Hollie and Keith Kenniff under their collaborative moniker Mint Julep, an expertly manicured electric-pop venture that stands in stark contrast to the nebulous and experimental Helios and Goldmund outputs for which the latter member is known (though both members have ambient projects under their own names).

Keith explained: “Hollie grew up listening to a lot of industrial music and we both listened to a lot of punk but also growing up a lot in the late ’70s and ‘80s we both have a lot of pop music from the time in our blood. We both listen to a lot of IDM and electronic music as well so I feel like our music is a marriage of those different things, song elements from pop influences mixed with production from the more instrumental and experimental side of things.”


The project is a personal and far reaching vernacular. A crisp indignation, throwing up flickers of light, enticing on-lookers as the cosmic vibes tangle effortlessly with the warmth of the mighty future ahead.

Crossing finger, wishing for the best, and always positive through the hail of discontent.

Mint Julep is a fabulous continuation for the lovely musical love-birds.



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