Mïrändä ‘Stay’ (Video) : Laser light shimmers, and tears into your senses.


Mïrändä is gorgeous. She’s always been and seems she will always help us find the way to long for her beauty, every time. The NYC native and electro-artist makes songs that are contentious, cautious, enigmatic, and insidious, without forgetting the human touch, the empathetic assertiveness, and an unbound acceptance of positivity and growth. Guess you can say it’s Mïrändä from a DNA level.

Captured in the vapors of such sentiments and visions, Mïrändä’s efforts in construction, never deviates from the central point of of her messages.

In ‘Stay’, a sumptuously theatrical amplitude of sights and sounds, focus in a tight barrel of laser light shimmers, and tears into your senses. At one point you listen and the song began. Then at a moment’s notice, you’re swept up in the glory of the song, forgetting the world without and forgetting the stresses of it all. The song ends with a palpitating anxiousness of your soul, quickly seeking out that glimpse of happiness and joy, in which the song brought for those short moment.

You press replay, once again.

From desperation and deflective hopes, dreams of sanity and balance for honesty, cut down the desert of loneliness. The loneliness of finding and then confiding within your soul, you strive forth, without clearly knowing how it will all end.

But you stride on, anyway.

Mïrändä is a NYC gem.

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