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Mirror Shot Shares ‘Crutch’. “Come full circle and become victorious.”

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Niall, Adam and Olivia met via the Internet. Musicians wanted to play. Play music, and share stories through the pallet of alternative guitar frames. They shared a love for similar bands, and seemed it was time to test what they had. After trial and frustrations, they comes to an impasse of sorts. So, Niall took the singing helm and then there was the first official and public inkling for the project MIRROR SHOT.

Wasn’t magic. Wasn’t coincidence. Wasn’t serendipity. All the months of pulling their hair out finally clicked.

A melodious stride into indie-rock of a ballad, ‘Crutch’ was written in the times of Niall’s marriage.

Relationships are difficult as they are. Much sacrifice must be made from both fronts of individuals. Something must be weighed, and negotiated. If not, the building will crumble and fall.

With the feel of sentimentality and tinge of regrets – of steps taken and not – ‘Crutch’ is a promissory note to a beloved. Describing familiarities of surroundings, a young couple, weather through the trying times to come full circle and become victorious.

Happy beginnings to new chapters, indeed.

The band is complete with Niall, Olivia, Adam, and Mikey.

See the band next @ The Finsbury Pub, in London September 26th.



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