MishCatt ‘Midnight Sun’ : Never letting down from the challenges of life and its subsidiaries.


From her latest EP, ‘The Real Pavo’, comes single ‘Midnight Sun’.

“The story I imagined is the long journey it’s been to fully honor myself, my visions, not being afraid to stand up for what I believe in. All of the self doubt and self conscious feelings you can have, I realized it’s like any working relationship. There’s trust, paranoia, ecstasy… a wide range of emotions… Music so often focuses on the love stories we have with others, but I thought why not make a love story about you with yourself, your truest self.”

Written in collaboration with executive producer Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow, Britney Spears, Madonna), music producer Patrik Berge and up-and-coming producer Fabian Berglund, ‘Midnight Sun’ first began as an acoustic guitar jam in 2017, before the team completed the song in the summer of 2018, adding a warm melody, vocoder vocals, and an electric, groovy bottom line.

MishCatt is the project of Michelle González. The Costa Rica originating artist blends soft pop visions with her vocals, damning persons with lust for love, and never letting down from the challenges of life and its subsidiaries.


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