Miss Roche ‘Pretty Please’ : A life is in minutes, evolves to a new horizon.

Miss Roche

Honesty is the best medicine. Genuine assumptions bring clarity. Revealing one’s own self, can help start things over.

Miss Roche brings ‘Pretty Please’. A single that is of friction in relationship, wishes upon wishes, and a tale of tragedy, we all can relate in one form or another.

Said Miss: “Inspired during a panic attack in relation to the worries and consequences of substance abuse, I encourage to draw your attention to the various changes in the song reflecting the alternative moods and phases faced when in a struggle against yourself and destruction.”

Having gone to an arts high school she was able to finally realize and unleash her creativity before attending University for music production. Currently still studying, she has managed to perform and write as a vocalist, drummer, guitarist, pianist, and producer for small shows and in NewYork as well as collaborate with Gibson and artists such as Roman Lewis and Matt Greaves as well as several other young upcoming artists yet to be discovered.

Miss Roche’s gritty/non-conventional vocal expressions and the mix in emotional semblance, dig deep in the visceral urges and surge of hearts broken and mended. A cry out for help, transforms into a cry out for resurgence – of mind, body. A life is in minutes, evolves to a new horizon.

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