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Miss World – Lip Job

Miss World’s Lip Job is a facetious look at the world of fashion and style gaudiness. And thank goodness! The narrative is a satirical condemnation of unrelenting social ladders, non-acceptance, imperial injustices, and perilous calm of the general public.

Or is it?

Well, it has to be. And no other explanation will do. Look. Why would a great looking artist like Miss World talk about such hang-ups? Like psychologist have suggested, maybe, persons like Miss World have under recognized emotional strains, which she needs to articulate in a song like Lip Job. Or maybe, she’s very conscious of the world (maybe her immediate world) and wants to send out a message, to those afflicted.

In any case, we think she’s being a conscientious protestor, of said media driven maladies.

And that’s a good thing, for this song, with all its limitations, short lyrics, microscopic topic, and short duration – is a fun trip.

Weird, but true.

We love the quirky, the un-encumbered song and music artists, just like Miss World. They don’t give a sh*t.

But we at CHF, do “give a sh*t” about her song. We recognize it for what it is, and what it can do.

We dig it.

She’s rep’ed by PNKSLM, one of our fave record labels. Check ’em both out!



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