Missing Image ‘The Hard Way’ : Floating and surmising to the beat and glaze.

Missing Image

Falling in love is easy. It’s easy when you listen to ‘The Hard Way’. That defining trek starts with the beautiful guitar intro, then you’re off on that road to somewhere. And at that moment, you’re flying like the best that you can, floating and surmising to the beat and glaze of Missing Image’s folksy pop indie goodness.

“The hard way was one of those songs that happened really quickly,” said Kirk Bentley. “I had the new record done and it was set to be mixed in a couple of days. But one song just wasn’t fitting in too well. So, I scraped it and sat down to write something to replace it.’ The Hard Way’ was written, recorded in about 24 hours. Of course, it put up quite a fight when mixing. Which is silly. It’s such a simple song but sometimes those are the hardest. I wanted to capture that sweet lullaby tenderness of The Cure’s best love songs”

Missing Image is the latest project from Seattle songwriter/producer, Kirk. He was founding member/songwriter/engineer for the bands The Cinematics and Pleasurecraft, and now the proud father of Missing Image.

Look for the upcoming album ‘Gazebo’ out, May 8th.

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