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MIYA KING Shares ‘Between Me And You’. “We Expect Nothing Less.”

MIYA KING’s Single ‘Between Me And You’ gave us the ‘tha-thump’ in our chest area. Meaning our hearts just jumped suddenly out of our body and went on the dance floor – holding our significant other, in a warm and loving embrace. Figuratively of course (because there’s no dance floor at the office). Maybe. The sultry and romantic musings of Miya’s vocals takes the clothes off of that stodgy facade you had and reminds you of how sexy you can be.

The funky grooves, blending rock idiosyncrasies with solid soul – the single touches you in its discriminate ways.

“My music says the things I’m afraid to.” King states. “I’ve realized it’s a coming of age album. There’s so much uncertainty and suffering in silence, a yearning to connect.”

Her influence comes from the likes of Alabama Shakes and Amy Winehouse. But within the specific world of ‘Between Me And You’, the influence stretches beyond, from 60’s doo-wop and Erykah Badu-esque mannerisms and gentile attitudes – all uniquely packaged by her fluttering vocal accouterment and affectionate.

MIYA promises to be ‘real, raw, and emotional’. We expect nothing less.

Another promise we need from Miya is to hear her future singles. We’re curious to see where and how far she’ll take her musical efforts.



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