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Miynt Shares ‘Stay On Your Mind’. “The Stockholm artist shines again. New album available now.”

Linn Emmery

We’d called MIYNT’s works “beckoning as you watch your eyes ogle over the tight skin of your existential vitality..” Also added that: “With hooks that stutter into our mind, they dance in ecstasy without a care. The collapse of your faculties, giving one hundred percent to the seduction of this song, is admirable and just”.

Still valid.

Still strong.

All that is so unique about what MIYNT and what she deems her art.

The Stockholm artist released her new EP ‘Stay On Your Mind’ and the 9 track charmer of an LP is going to make some of you think differently about pop.

An incandescent subtlety of sorts, come to mind, as you listen to the sultry vision of MIYNT’s vocals. The trident remembrance of her lyrics, delve deep into the womb of the secrets that should be disinfected in the light – but never quite have the right amount of courage to do so.

MIYNT’s pop isn’t the ordinary pop you’re used to. The mix of rock with the grittiness of cynicism, pinched just right, balances with the ultra-positivity that MIYNT’s songs portray.




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