MJC ‘Altruism’ : Benevolent affluence for the heart and soul. Beautiful dedication and anthemic heroism.


Cool. Calm. Collected. Introspective. MJC’s benevolent affluence for the heart and soul of being substantive, radically emblazons, with beautiful dedication and anthemic heroism.

“This track is about my mom and how she taught me the meaning of selflessness,” said MJC. “It was written all on acoustic guitar to begin with at 3am late one night. I recorded and produced the entire track myself.”

Respectful acknowledgement is where MJC’s musical adherence lies. And with that involvement, the thoughtful son, reflects on the grandeur of life – both small and large. An intricacy is revealed as the artist ever seeks out the meaning of life’s little pleasures and challenges.

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New track ‘Altruism’ out now

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You’re lookin’ at it

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