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MJR // Mattress Food // Psychic Shakes // Husky Loops // Evan Konrad

MJR – Mercury Air

Part of his debut self-titled 4 track Ep, MJR’s single ‘Mercury Air’ is a woozy, gazy bedroom-pop existence in notes of emotions. Catered in drenched outcrops of vibes, the song relieves in small nurturing and tries its hardest not to let go. Let go. Don’t let go. The song is has tinges of classic guitar vibes, with pop attentions, peaking out of the wilderness. The overall beckoning relies solely on the imagination – the unimagined. The single comes and goes, with never a goodbye.

Mattress Food – Dumb Hearts

Purely bop, MATTRESS FOOD, is the project of Sami Rahman, where his bandmates Wallace Gerdy, Paul O’Connell, and Adam Figurelle make unconditional music about romance and the like. And who are the main characters in this fun description of such love and affection? It’ you. That’s right. You, us, them, the world, coming together to preach the goodness of the here and now, with the emphasis in the affections of and for the people who surround our everyday. The small things that bother us come away as mere impediments to the larger goal. We’re bigger than that. And MATTRESS FOOD’s music seems to amplify that sentiment, in their shoegazy and dream-pop way. Word.

Psychic Shakes – Bored Of Me

PSYCHIC SHAKES is Max McLellan. Coming off of a 3 year hiatus from publishing new releases, he’s comes back with a vengeance with single ‘Bored Of Me’. Of the song Max stated: “A song inspired by a recent trip to Amsterdam with my girlfriend.” All about reflection and thinking of the way a person lives and survives, the thoughts turn to visions of blossoming and thriving in this hectic world. The pastel colored tones release you from the day-to-day stresses and anguish, as those points of existence melt away for a moment. A solitary, repeatable moment – where nothing seemed able to penetrate. Except for her love and loyalty. Except for his unending gaze of appreciation and gratitude. Merged in that solitary, repeatable moment.

Husky Loops – Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me

Bologna, Italy originating but London based, the trio of HUSKY LOOPS utilizes the tools of the trade into maximum fun-ness and makes a decadent statement to what indie rock could be. “Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me” is a single that demonstrates the versatility of thought and vision for a certain string of notes and lyrics. “It’s really a song about misunderstanding,” stated frontman Danio, “and a short analysis on our western world routine where people are ignoring things in favour of fun.” He continued: “The lyrics of this song are “that guy at the party” and the music is in contrast to that:, it tells you that sometimes you need to fight by participating and get on with it.” Struggles and challenges are the crux of life, how we humans can get out of it in victory is a facet that distinguishes our species. HUSKY LOOPS is a tangible explanation for how and why we should continue to strive and to keep on. Their debut full album ‘I Can’t Even Speak English’ (Summer 2019) follows their 3 previous EPs and from what we can hear, the talented trio will rock, and with us along for the ride. We’re in.

Evan Konrad – “Come On Snake, Let’s Rattle”

EVAN KONRAD is one of the upcoming crop of ultra talented artists who bring hard edged rock and molds it into this visceral and compounding exercise in emotional expediency. Said Evan: “’Come On Snake, Let’s Rattle’ is an ego battle, at its core. A portrayal of a person too far gone to come back.” And in this semi-operatic but all so glorious single, from synth injections and palpable lyrics, Evan’s continual evolution can be witnessed from every beautifully crafted note to note. “The lyrics act as his personal introduction to you, a tour of his world, and together you explore this place for his debauchery. When I was writing the song, I would see this person in a beautiful cocktail lounge, full of elegant and fashionable people whom he could mold and control as he wished, obeying his word, almost as if they were an extension of himself. On the surface he is a walking statement of obsessive self-consumption..” We think he’s outdone himself with this latest single, which hits so many points of feelings, throughout. It’s an emphasis of song that you should dig into.


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