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MK Ellison // Ghost:Hello // Lloyd Llewellyn // Artificial Pleasure // Cavalcade

MK Ellison – Reconstruction (Nothing but the Rain)

Independent songwriter MK Ellison’s music blends the indie folk and indie/alternative rock genres and features rich vocal harmonies and a moody, often mysterious sound. MK Ellison is based in Nashville, and with subtle use of harmonies, MK harkens back to the day of folk and delivers with absolute and vintage performance. With a pop edge to the chorus, the story telling is foreboding but comes with a light hearted tinge of acceptance and understanding. When you listen to MK, it’s about the conviction and the honesty of it all. Like a traditional folk trilogy, the vocals of MK dives you right into the heart of the matter.

Ghost:Hello – Perfect

Ghost:Hello is a synthed up stoner rock family affair from Northeast Ohio. Made up of a husband/wife duo and their cousin, the band members have been playing in bands for decades. It’s a growth on what the individual members have done throughout their history. It seems logical for a band who seem destined to take the world of rock and roll by the horns. Bringing in all sorts of unorthodox elements into their fuzz rock assault, this three piece counterbalances stoner sludge with trip hop grooves. While certainly unexpected, the group has never been afraid to experiment, and Ghost:Hello is completely a slave to their various muses. All this leads to an elegant fusion of influences of bands like Type O Negative to Fatso Jetson by way of Queens of the Stone Age. Made up of dynamos, Will Skok, Nina Rich, and Joe Kidd, the revelation is how tight and fabulous ‘Perfect’ is. It’s got that attraction that shouldn’t be – but is. See them next @ Buzzbin Art & Music Shop, Canton, Ohio November 1st.

Lloyd Llewellyn – Drinking With The Devil

Dom Morely, Grammy award winning producer/sound engineer on Lloyd Llewellyn’s single ‘Drinking With The Deveil, commented: “Lloyd sounds like Britain’s next great soul singer has kidnapped Bon Iver’s band and together they’re making music which not only grabs you and envelops you, but stays with you for a long time.” Word Dom. Word. And also like the reminiscing ghost of the best in Jeff Buckley, Lloyd sings to the peaks of the heavens above. And when his vocals grasp with both arms and squeeze, there’s nothing you can do about it. Deep, thoughtful, intrinsically vulnerably reflective – you succumb. You succumb to his valiant efforts to give the humbleness of being human, another chance at life, via his music. A life that can cling on with those same arms, in the hopes that one day, it’ll flourish like the yellow on that bright petals of the beautiful daisy. Lloyd’s remarkable vocal skills and song-writing have armed him with a unique soulful-acoustic style that truly sets him apart. That’s where his music lives. That’s where promises lie. That’s where we should meet Lloyd. See Lloyd next @ Lille Ole Bull in Bergen, Norway for Bergen Live Sessions, on November 12th.

Artificial Pleasure – Side By Side

Artificial Pleasure is quickly gearing for the release of their much anticipated sophomore album with the brand new single ‘Side By Side’. Now the band share the video to the track, a visual semblance of camaraderie. Directed by Dimitris Lambridis, the video was shot in a full day in east London on one of hottest days on record. Topped by frontman Phil McDonnell’s charismatic vocal and complemented by vocal harmonies from JYLDA and bass/synths from Sam Mason (of Die Mason Die), it’s anthemic future-soul played with the vibrancy of road-hardy touring band. Woozy, hypnotic, and thoroughly demonic (in terms of its allure, if you know what we mean), ‘Side By Side’ entails a bite off of the big bum of life, with a smile and a cheeky wink. Of relationships and none, the thrusting vestiges of the full-bodied taste of the song, surges with Bowie like confidence and absolute incredulity. An ‘incredulity’ deems it divine for the tasks of feeling better. A place where Artificial Pleasure’s supreme pertinence excel with prominence and musical joie-de-vivre. What a song. See them next for Huw Stephens Presents @ The Social, London on November 12th.

Cavalcade – Blueness Is A Heavy Stone

Lead vocalist and song-writer Connor Duggan has said that ‘Blueness Is A Heavy Stone’ “discusses a topic that is quite rightly at the foreground of a lot of people’s thoughts today. As a group of young men, we felt as though it’s just as important to talk about our experiences while also giving this sense of optimism through both the lyrics and the musicality of the song.” CAVALCADE are an East London four-piece currently creating waves with their version of blistering Indie Rock and Roll. Newly signed to indie label These Bloody Thieves Records and already packing venues inside the capital with their electric live shows, they have proved that the Cavalcade journey is one to watch. CAVALCADE are Connor Duggan (vocals/rhythm), Jack Campbell (lead guitar), Tom Nunn (bass) and Steve Norris (drums). Forceful and direct, ‘Blueness Is A Heavy Stone’ projects the essence of living within the boundaries of rock, then beyond.


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