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mlady Shares ‘Deep In’. “Makes life a bit more beautiful.”

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We feel mlady’s front woman, Hannah Beeghly, is a ball of determination and grit. She wants to achieve something, and she digs at it until she’s on that golden path. We feel she’s a realist and mixes sheen of pragmatism, with the indefatigable gumption for the extraordinary and of fantastical dreams.

Traveling from her home city of Chicago, she and her mate from high-school, Austin Bourdon, hiked their way to Denver Colorado. And the dream, was to be musicians and rockers, constructing and playing music that was within, for the masses. With the will and talent that was between the duo, they soon met Ian Mahan, the soon to be bassist for mlady, and instant fan of the songs Hannah had written and performed.

“Although I’d been casually writing songs my whole life,” said Hannah, “I’d always been shy about sharing them. Getting that bit of encouragement [from Ian] was life-changing for me; it gave me a newfound motivation and passion for songwriting, as well as an urgency to get as many songs out as I could.”

“Writing music has become a way for me to process my thoughts, stretch my musical muscles, and let others see a more vulnerable side of myself that was previously kept hidden from the world.”

‘Deep In’ is off of the band’s EP. The distinction is that this particular single doesn’t include the full band in play. The contrast of the band’s sound and the vocals brought upon by Hannah’s mid-night stream of lights, is palpable to the touch. The single is a duo driven single with Austin at parts of the guitar that, with no questions asked, clings and helps circulate the visions of the lyrics to full viability.

“I wanted to show a sweeter and softer side of mlady,” added Hannah on ‘Deep In’, “while also emulating the stripped-back vibe of the demos that I record in my closet.”

The indie-folk/Americana frame work of ‘Deep In’ is a beautifully in-depth thought of love, possible loss, trepidations, and excitements of the relationships we have. All that encompasses such beauty in life, is encapsulated in the talking-points of Hannah’s emotions. Within a miles of the love that escapes, but never far away, all the goodness of it all can be intimidating. But from all of the ups and downs of such an ordeal, there’s only one thing that matters: “that this love is one of a kind, and nothing in this Universe can change that.”

The future is indeterminable – right now, at this certain minute.

But that is what adds to this voluptuous sliver of time and space.

Hannah’s lyrics are incandescently warm and an unbridled explosion of personal feelings.

The beauty of Hannah flows with ‘Deep In’. Get into love. Get into mlady.

The complete band consists of: Hannah Beeghly, Austin Bourdon, Ian Mahan, and Sydney Jones.

mlady’s EP is available now.


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