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MMBLR // Drew Young // The Low Blow // Alex Abbuehl // Ryan David Orr

MMBLR – That Breeze

MMBLR is Alex Beckmann. And when he met his wife, he wrote this song for her. Once withdrawn to his musical expeditions, he’d been a different person. He’d never realized what or who he was, outwardly to the world. He knew what he did, and acted, and everything was fine. But never…never did he know where he’d be able to go. The haze dissipated, as the hearts of two, melded into one. Flowers of a brighter colors came to mind, as he blossomed in a different way. Love song.

Drew Young – Falling Down

New Orleans, Louisiana crooner DREW YOUNG has been doing his way, for a long while. With decades of work and experiences, he’s never lost his touch to keep things fresh with his music and its subjects. With light and airy takes on parts of life that has touched him or someone else, the drive to succeed in communicating the fragrance of life keeps on delightfully forming in his mind. And good for us, it does on his pages of lyrics and his music. The soft-rock anthem for the good and the people which occupy life, ‘Falling Down’ keeps the positive, for the better horizon to come.

The Low Blow – Rock and a Hard Place

Nashville based THE LOW BLOW is what you’re looking for. Soul, rock, pop – the combination is a killer combination from the nacent band, formed in 2018. But close your eyes and you can picture such energy and punch. With the best tradition of the best of soul and ol’ Detroit, the band has it all locked down with tight and sharp delivery of their song ‘Rock And A Hard Place’. You instantly want to dance, and then dip deep within your emotions. The voice belongs to Patrick Long which is complimented by his bandmates, Matthew Williford (Keys, Synths), Cody Smiles (Bass & Production), Taylor Wood (Drums), and Connor Stith (Lead Guitar). The debut single is a hit, in studio and live, we’re quite certain. Don’t stop, let the vibe take you.

Alex Abbuehl – Black Coffee

Debut single ‘Black Coffee’ is presented by ALEX ABBUEHL. The delicate vocal exercise, is a conversation of self and where things belong. Will this be the end of the torture of being lonesome? Will there be better days of being ‘normal’? There’s more to life than what it is now, right? Will the wishes be granted? A delicious delivery in soul is the distinction of Alex’s singing style. The raw vocals charm is subtle, as you’re taken on a short trip of gaps and inhibitions. The Liverpool based artist’s debut single kicks off his UK tour.

Ryan David Orr – The Floor of this House

RYAN DAVID ORR is a lyricist of the highest order. Delicate, relevant, poignant, and textured, the classic writing style speaks with gumption, even as Ryan’s singing is a whisper in ‘The Floor Of This House’. The emblem of wonton desires saturates the words, as they shower bombs of glass into the psyches of downtrodden ecstasies. The soulful, folk frame of this single tells a story of many families. But none can tell it like Ryan has done for this single. All of the missed opportunities, pot marked by challenges and impregnable silos of pent up feelings, can destroy. It surely can. ‘The Floor Of This House’ is off of the full-length album ‘Kaden Hollow’.


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