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mmmonika – unwind me!

Quintet band mmmonika is alive when they sing. They’re in love, when they play. They tell stories, to build relationships with their fans. Following up their single “see me on the outside!”, Ryan Yoo, Gabe Durastanti, Nick Velez, Grant Milliken, and John DeBold utilizes dainty ukulele chords to keep you occupied with satisfying desserts of musical nutrition. The relaxing sounds are exactly the intent from the 5, and they score. ‘Unwind Me’ is of a relationship from emotion to emotion, and the support of an unending affection. It’s the smile that you want after a long and grueling day.

ACRYLIC – Post Punk For The Abyss

Andreas stated “Post Punk For The Abyss was born out of a playlist of post-punk revival songs made for me by a friend, Joe, who features on the cover artwork for the single. I was quite down at the time and he thought it would cheer me up. The lyrics reference various songs and artists from the playlist; Iceage, Ought, New Order. It’s an homage to them and a toast to feeling good again”. Andreas, Ross Patrizio (guitar/ vocals), Jack Lyall (guitar), Lewis Doig (bass/ vocals/synth) and Ruairidh Smith (drums), takes the vibes of Bowie and makes it their own with emphatic thrusts, and palpably complex lyrics. Lovingly constructed, and laid on the plate for your dining pleasure.

Beni Fahr – Bloody Lies

Benjamin Fahrwald and Elif Batman made this music video for ‘Bloody Lies’. It’s a song that is worth your time and return to listening to the trap framed ballad. Benjamin said: “The video will be followed by a “making of” and an Acoustic version of the song. Also we filmed a reaction video of our first time watching the video with everyone who was involved (we worked only with friends since its yet an independent low budged project) Elif and I became very close friends in the last year and decided to remake this song together as a duet which turned out to be a great idea (in my opinion) the whole concept had to wait about three years in my head until now where I was able to implement it and I am very grateful for the friends I am working with who made this possible!” Energy to keep it going. Congrats again on this Beni.

Temple Haze – Solidity (feat. Lo)

Folk and singer/songwriter, TEMPLE HAZE, delivers with empathy and passion in ‘Solidity’ featuring Lo. Depicting his work as ‘indie-soul’ the composer dreams up triphop/neosoul certainties, sprinkled with the notions of love and lovable touch. Living an off-grid lifestyle, TEMPLE HAZE, moved to Berlin to express his music, in a way that he knows how. The slow burner, keeps it’s decadence, with virbato consumptions and emotional totality.

FURRER – Every Atom Is Buzzing

Sebastian Furrer, a platinum selling songwriter/producer, is the person behind the project FURRER. Cinematic and grand, other worlds are traversed with delicious synth work and pulsing dynamics in ‘Every Atom Is Buzzing’. Even from a young age FURRER has always woken up each morning with a feeling of bliss. In this single, he celebrates that feeling of ‘euphoria’ within the catacombs of a song – a light – a vision for that indescribable feeling.


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