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MMune Shares ‘Darkness (feat. Nick Broomhall)’.

Lyrics to the construction of the song is very indie-folk-pop to be clear. But the interesting part of what MMUNE does is his addition of some industrial-like guitar work and adding sprinkles of funk with synth. Certainly adds the kind of spice that makes it different and interesting.

The part that is very much was in our mind was the solo. It’s put together with some Steve Vai-ish effects and kicks out the hard-rock feel with ample attitude.

It’s unknown as to which direction MMUNE will be taking in the near future, for seems like his journey into this music realm is just starting.

And that’s another exciting part, as well, for we all don’t know the future, and how exactly the outcome can be. But working at the things you love to do, can be a great companion towards that ultimate success.



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