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Mo Troper // Ben Shaw // The End of America // Onsen // Sean McVerry

Ryan Patrick Krueger

Mo Troper – Jas From Australia

“I wrote this song in 10 minutes about the first relationship I was ever in,” said Mo Troper. “It was an internet relationship with someone who I met on a video game forum. It was a really innocent romance characterized by a shared love of Nintendo games that was ultimately corrupted by callowness and message board drama. It was a nightmare coordinating a time to talk on the phone, since we were on other sides of the world and both were in high school. I would fantasize about moving to Melbourne to be with them, but we never met. It’s the millennial ‘Thirteen'”. It’s all just positive, in Mo’s eyes and hindsight. Nothing detrimental, just a simple learning highlight of a young man, growing into that large and sometimes burdening skin of the adult. A coming of age single that is light and hearty throughout, the artist originating from Portland Oregon, gets it right from vocals to arrangement, and vibe. Mo’s offerings are dang tangy, and will induce you to smiles of your own. See him make you feel good again next @ Cruzroom, Portland on December 7th.

Ben Shaw – Sisters

“’Sisters’ is split down the middle in terms of its meaning,” explained Ben Shaw, on the new song. “The verses are about being your own worst enemy when it comes to making decisions and people misunderstanding why you do certain things out of anxiety or fear… The song comes from my own personal experiences, trying to figure out what I’m doing and why and the people that eventually helped me.” London based singer/songwriter has a grating and penetrating cursive to his vocals. The weapon of choice for his alternative indie-rock offerings, Ben’s thorough and thoughtful incarnations of words to experiences, drive with nostalgic metal vibes, layered upon a sweetness of visceral contact that just works. ‘Sisters’ is off of the upcoming debut EP ‘Alive’ (November 22nd), and Ben makes a claim for greatness by the beautifully tailored visions, served in hues of tang and glaze of magnificence. It’s a palpable salvo to the upcoming collection.

The End of America – Footsteps In The Dark (The Isley Brothers, cover)

The End of America’s cover of The Isley Brothers’ ‘Footsteps in the Dark’ is part of a compilation of covers of Motown classics. A classic that’s been covered and sampled throughout the decades, TEOA encapsulates the frivolity and seriousness fabulously in this cover. A different angle that sits in a more indie-folk/Americana vibe, but works the way it should, just the same. Through a partnership with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Reservoir Media, college music business students scouted independent artists to re-imagine iconic Motown songs. Cool stuff indeed. The passion that is helped to be reignited for the old, by TEOA’s version, is a testament to the band’s talents and success in doing such.

Onsen – The March

Onsen stated: “I finally got to write my dream gay teen summer love song! The summer romance is past (maybe by many years) and you’re looking back with tenderness both towards your ex-love and towards your innocent self at that age. Written, though, from the perspective of myself in the following fall or winter.” Ambience is where Onsen plays. The project of Drew Straus, the gargantuan subtleties are not missed as the debutant-vibes of Onsen, is perfected fitted into this shoegazy, dream-pop reverberations. The pastel colors are mixed in with the mischievous rancors of emotional demons, contrasted in diabolical opposites in settled harmonies of notions and truths. It’s that ‘bitter-sweet’ angst that Onsen expresses in his single, so well. ‘The March’ is a taken in the stride of moving with the flow of life, forward and dictatorial. But looking back on the love and lust of a past summer, cannot be denied, as we go towards the end of the year. Something very ‘ordinary’ becomes a bit more shimmery and ‘extraordinary’ when in the heart and constructive vibes of Onsen. We’re all better for it. His new music is co-produced by Brook D’Leau (GRAMMY-nominated producer for Miguel), Max Hershenow (of MS MR) and Ceci Gomez (of Ceci G, also in Charli XCX’s band).

Sean McVerry – Bar Talk (je suis le plant)

Brooklyn based Sean McVerry offers up another fascinating single off his 2019 project. Crafted in the same vision of traditions solidified by Elton John and Billy Joel, the soft-70’s-rock vibes just oozes ‘tasty’ from the project. Regarding the song Sean stated emphatically: “…After four days of working on older songs I wanted to try to write and record a new song in a day, using title suggestions in a hat from my mostly drunk pals that were with me up there. ‘Je Suis le Plant’ was the winner – wrote a song as fast as I could about a girl from Quebec.” There’s nothing that you shouldn’t like about this delicate and authentically beautiful single, as it tickles your nose. It wants to make you dance to the sliding breeze and lyrical airiness of the song, all while making you, inevitably, conscious of how ‘happy’ you’ve become. The singalong juggernaut (we can imagine) has all of us written all over it. Song that does that is right in our book. And it should for you too.


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