MOA ‘Like a Razor’ : You close your eyes, as Moa speaks to you in your dream of dreams.


‘Like a Razor’ is MOA’s first single from the EP Full of Fire. Like a Razor is about those feelings that are just too much to cope with until screaming them out. It’s about a particular relationship, about anger, love, laughter and tears. ‘Like a Razor’ is about the emptiness that these emotional outburst leave behind.

And just like a razor, it cuts when you’re not looking. As the primal screams of Moa’s vocals kill you with a thousand nicks, you embrace the wilderness and you accept your fate. It’s a fabulously twisted and humble way to go. You close your eyes, as Moa speaks to you in your dream of dreams.

Wake up.

They create their music in Stockholms archipelago in an old cottage. Nature inspires them with its tranquility and they return to the previous influences like The Knife, Björk, Four Tet, Sigur Ros, John Hopkins and Kate Bush.

MOA is formed by three friends who met a decade ago in Berlin’s underground club scene. The three musicians are Stockholm and Berlin’s Moa Nilsson, Hans Illiger and Dennis Stormer.


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