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Moddy McSquares Shares ‘Oligarchy Rock’. “Might as well.”

We’ll let Moddy McSquares say exactly what his single ‘Oligarchy Rock’ protests, professes, and zings.

“My official application to the global oligarchy,” said Moddy McSquares with a rye grin (at least how we imagine his reply stance would be). “Aiming to be the first to achieve such esteemed status from the comforts of his overpriced AC-less shoebox of a bedroom. Just an incredibly sexy and enlightened millennial loser trying to have the last bit of fun before Bezus and the Amazoids buy the rights to the concept of ‘fun’ and make it exclusive to Prime members.”

“Deadass tho… I’m really good at moving files and stuff like that… Also raised Catholic so I’m well-mannered and obedient to authority… Pose a below average risk of being #MeToo’d or leading a workplace mutiny… My goal in the long term is to become a jaded empty carcass with a mortgage… In conclusion please pay me at least $50k a year so I can have calories and shelter and I promise you’ll only mildly regret it.”

This guy, right?? What a character.

Anyways, you get his gist.

Listen to ‘Oligarchy Rock’ and have fun.

Let’s party like 2999. Might as well.


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