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Model Child // Yardlander // Kris Kelly // Ruud Fieten // Camarano

Model Child – My Queer Teenage Anthem

MODEL CHILD’s single ‘My Queer Teenage Anthem’ talks to us. Crazy teen years, or years of craziness you should have had. Imagination or fact, in small or large attributes, those years are crazy for a reason. Whether straight or queer, we all can relate. The oddball movies about the teen years are true. And we all love that it had happened. MODEL CHILD is what we were, are now, forever. “‘My Queer Teenage Anthem” is an homage to the crazy, fucked up, fun, recklessness of being a teenager.” MODEL CHILD doesn’t create one song. He creates chapters. And in this turn of the page, we bop till our eye balls drop. Look for more and an EP ‘Abc’s’ soon.

Yardlander – Straight Light

Stated frontman Oscar Koronka: “It’s about dealing with an emotionally intense period in a relationship whilst separated”. Hypnotic, psychedelic, deeply tuned to the chorus of life and its subsequent issues, YARDLANDER, the UK based rock band, clashes into a new world of entertainment and exploration with an Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, suspension of a single. It dangles in operatic poignancy, with delicate vocal harmonies over layers in guitar power chords and string overlays. The big showdown drops the single into a hurricane in thoughts of confusion and classic rock aggression. The band consists of Oscar Koronka, Kit Gallagher, Will Pickering, and Tom Hill. With ‘Straight Light’ the word ‘satisfaction’ clings to our sensibilities as the shimmering cast of contrasts linger with no guilt. A most exciting offering, indeed.

Kris Kelly – Birthplace

The multi-talented singer/songwriter KRIS KELLY sings like a song bird in his single ‘Birthplace’. Having written the song when he’d pondered about ‘the tension between attachment and freedom’, and what it all means to be ‘home’. As the album ‘Runaways’ is to drop (August 2019), the beautifully cinematic music video for ‘Birthplace’ is here for display. And as Kris’ delicate verses convey contrasts within the folds of life, the strength of the premise permeate all of the instrumentations and the listener’s sensibilities. Directed by Adi Halfin, it shows some of the inadvertent hollows of thought and substance, as we waft through this existence. Native of Austin, Texas, Kris has been based in NYC since 17 years old and through his music, he’s never stopped being adventurous. There’s nothing really to lose, in his heart of hearts.

Ruud Fieten – Orchard

RUUD FIETEN’s single ‘Orchard’ is a beautiful lush of folk goodness. With a heart aching tale of a farmer who’d had an orchard that once was full of hearty production, the song sings of loss and confusion. Said Ruud: “[The farmer] wants to ask for help from a higher power but he has to accept that he is completely subjected to the forces of nature. The only thing he can change about his situation is the way he perceives it.” An airy and serendipitous vibe from Ruud’s song construction drizzles the fateful and the ominous that looms such tragedy. The helplessness of the farmer, akin to our own simulations of our own personal entanglements with our live, gather the forces from deep to try to stave away the madness. Off of the upcoming EP ‘Mad Dogs In The Sun’, Ruud’s empathetic tone of voice makes things alright again, no matter what the story. Like a gentle touch of the shoulder, someone is watching out for you, even in your most dire. At least we hope so.

Camarano – Valley Of Song

With a ticking of an analogue clock, CAMARANO, paints a shade of a cast in emotions with ‘Valley Of Song’. A melancholic march down a soul’s reflection, the visual incantation writhes with sultry and beautiful lyrical works. The singer/songwriter/producer mesmerizes in this single. The Perth, Western Australia based artist is uncanny in his methods of song construction. With each gulp of lyrical saturation, all sorts of emotions can flood through the canyons with affirmations and concentration of thoughts by proxy. The shining light up that very hill of overcoming private challenges are a basis for encouragement and mural for learning. ‘Valley Of Song’ is enthusiastic with palpable remembrance for what it could and should. It’s a beautiful piece, indeed.


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