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Modern Chemistry – Everything In Gold

Modern Chemistry’s Everything In Gold is an anthem. And as anthems go, it’s golden. Take the shimmering light from the sun, set it upon her heart – she will love it. You will love her smile. It’s for the future.

And yes, the song itself is a ‘motivator’.

Why can’t we get there? Is it that hard? If it is hard, what can we do about it? Because we want to get to that place in the sun.

Jackie, last year, wrote down in her small journal that she wanted to “move”. “I want to move, diary”, she slowly and purposely described. As if her diary nodded, she continued to go into more detail.

“Diary, you know that hill I climb everyday going to school?”

“It’s 10x smaller than where I want to be…need to be.”

Jackie stopped writing, rotated her head upwards, then saw a flash of direction.

“Yea. It’s where I want to go.”

Then she pointed, as she rose from the bed.


Sometimes just doing it, means a lot – to oneself, to others.. to friends and maybe, a journal.

The gang in Modern Chemistry is lot heavier in their songs, contrast to Everything In Gold. But as an intro to their album, it certainly sets the tone and gets one ready for that journey with them.

Let’s go.



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