Modern Moxie ‘Til I’m a Ghost’ : Exuberantly positive vibes, and you’re drawn.

Modern Moxie

Modern Moxie is an indie pop/rock band based in Charlotte, NC. Hailing from a small South Carolina town, multi-instrumentalist Madison Lucas took up songwriting in college.

“We released our debut LP Claw Your Way Out in June 2019. We were awarded Best Band and Best Album in 2019 by Queen City Nerve, Charlotte’s only alternative magazine.”

A mix of modern pop-rock, surged with the vocals of Madison Lucas, a tinge of The Cranberries peek in and out of the songs, like daffodils saying ‘hi’ on a field of gold. The sun is always bright with Modern Moxie’s exuberantly positive vibes, and you’re drawn.

A contagion of goodness that is good for your soul.

Madison Lucas, Harry Kollm, Phil Pucci, and Charlie Weeks together make up Modern Moxie.


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