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Modern Painters – Evolution

“Come with me. Conquer our little world, together.” Modern Painters’ Evolution seeks to ask that question of pure dedication and what the consequences could be. Detriment? Then to whom? By how much?

“Look Rick, this is how it’ll go down,” Sally proclaimed, during their dinner together.

“I’m going to go kick butt and conquer our little demons that hang around with us all day, everyday.”

Rick looked at her with wide-ish open eyes, as he crunched on his broccoli.

“You see, I need more,” she said. “I need, nay, want more for us.”

They both knew that the little demons, as they called them were anchors onto their living survival scheme. The days were just a drag, as the hippies would say. It was a horrible drag.

One demon had half a horn.

The other didn’t even have one, and seemed very lazy. But heavy enough.

They’d sit on Sally’s and Rick’s shoulders, laps, back, etc – whenever, where ever they wanted.

The rudeness had been noticed, ever since the couple noticed the little demon tikes.

“It’s WWE time.”

Sally got up from her dinner. Rick was still crunching on the nicely steamed broccoli.

The next morning, there was a note on their front door console table.

“Dear Rick & Sally,” the letter started.

“We will be leaving you two, and looking for better pasteurs. It was a blast staying with you for these many months. However, you two have rid of our weight and no longer yearn for us. It’s time to go.”

Rick and Sally highfived, and on to work they went.

Modern Painters is a project between: Nike Brannstrom, Gabe Goodman, Max DiRado, Jack Duff, Reuben Gifford, Jaxine Wolfe, and James Robotham.



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