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Modern Sons Share ‘Art Party!’ “Show it off and let’s get it on!”

Off of the upcoming full album ‘The Weird Years’, MODERN SONS, brings the artful machine gun riot that is sorely missing in today’s scene. Well, least we need more of it, right?? And that’s why MODERN SONS are here. To be our daddy. To be our hero. To become the salvation for all that is holy – cow.

Garage rock goodness flow from the sonic rapidity of the band’s single ‘Art Party!’ and the crunch-tastic guitars bleed with exponential excitement, as your blood curdles in expectations and desire for even more.

Rooted from the psychedelia that the music thrusts, it’s what you want for that perfect night out.

You know. That night out.

Red lipstick. Leather jacket.

Controlled mullet. Fabulous attitude.

It’s the way to go and take over the WORLD.

At least for one night.

Take a big glimpse of this fab band from Bozeman, Montana and feel the ripe classic draped in modern ooey-gooey-ness.

‘Art Party!’ is particularly fab, as it has an extra tinge of Scandinavian-rock hidden inside its energetic fantoms (in the likes of The Hives).

See them next at The Filling Station in Bozeman Montana on September 26th.

Let’s get it on!



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