Modra Luna ‘Cure’ : Exalting ravishing.

Modra Luna

Modra Luna’s ‘Cure’ is an ode to one of their favorite bands. In admiration and awe, the single is as fresh as the vibes of that, oh so, iconic of cultural ambitions.

With refreshing indie rock fabulousness, drenched in that beautiful gray, the lyrics of ‘Cure’ brings the quality in every angle of view. With driving guitars, sentimental vocals and harmonies, while relinquishing riotous effervescence from the rhythms section, the single is an exalting ravishing.

Said the band: “Musically it features different aspects, which in truth shouldnÔÇÖt make sense, yet all put together it somehow does. The dub like bass line, chorus guitar sounds, soaring and luscious use of delay all combined with soft keys and a tight, punchy drum sound creates this unique sound. Cure is about feeling melancholic without there being a direct cause and recognizing it.”

This exciting single was brought to you by 4 London based gents, with more stories to share. They are: Seth Tonkin, Jack Ewins, Daniel Nunan and Domokos Wootsch.

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This photo was taken on the 21st of December, 2018, at the gig we first ever played Cure. Back then we called it Cure Me. It was a much rougher version from the one we ended up recording. In fact, the song kept changing and evolving pretty much up to the day we took it to the studio. From day one we knew we had something special but it took a while to put all the parts together and make it the song it wanted to be. We think that's why we are so fond of it. Because it pushed us and made us all step up our games. It put hurdles in front of us that at times we didn't know how to solve as musicians. But we kept tinkering and practising and we are very proud to be releasing it. If you haven't heard it yet, find it on your preferred streaming service now. Link in bio. If you have heard it, give it another spin and then maybe share it with your friends. . . . . . . . . #newmusic #singlerelease #cure #indieband #indierock #fenderjaguar #gig #musicphotography #listentothis #spotifu #outnow #singer #musicians #band #music

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