Mogul ‘Good Company (Feat. BVRGER)’ : Effervescent bubbles of positivity brims with sunshines and champagne on ice.

'Good Company'

Berlin-based artist-producer, Mogul and gold certified artist-producer-songwriter, BVRGER, brings ‘Good Company’.

“After Marc – BVRGER’s and my fellow manager – sent me BVRGER’s vocals,” said Mogul, “I knew I had to produce something special around his special performance.” Mogul always had an eye on getting fellow SOULUVMUZIQ-collective member BVRGER on a track and the love and willingness had been equally shared by the Roman.

The dream is alive as the effervescent bubbles of positivity brims with sunshines and champagne on ice. ‘Good Company’ is all about the upcoming future – a summer future – in that beautifully decadent house assertion.

‘Good Company’ is an homage to all special women. The ones that help to maneuver their partners out of dark phases – the constant reoccurring ups and downs. Even if one has its own problems and far from being a perfect partner.

The single marks the first of Mogul’s own releases in 2020.


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