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Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus Shares ‘Paranoia’. May We Have Another?

This is how we feel after a drinking-fest and party. It’s that ‘fish-eye’ distorted and chaotic view of a living room full of party friends and strangers, after too many Vodka shots. You try to stay cool; you try to stay relatively upright, but there’s no denying that even if the conversation and laughter is so very much enjoyable, the fact is that you’re still drunk. It’s near midnight and you’re f*cked.

Are you though?

With music like this from MOJO BOZO’S ELECTRIC CURCUS, you feel a bit invincible, a bit like you’re in an Alice In Chains death cult, and a bit like you’re eating that snake (although it’s in your imagination).

No. It’s a good thang.

‘Paranoia’ is fresh because it hits the right elements at the right times, just when you thought it wasn’t going to be more delicious.

Solo? Check.

Psychedelic lyrics? Check.

AIC like ending? Double check. (Listen the last 1/3 where the ‘chanting’ occurs).

Oh yea.

You’re in a cult, and you don’t know it.

That’s the best kind. Well, at least in music. Right?

We don’t make sense you say? At last ‘Paranoia’ does.

MBEC is made up of Maryland originating bandmates (Ryan & Shane Walsh, Jeremy Hayes) kicking some butt, then they ask you to want more kicking…of your own butt.

Yes please.




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