MOLI Shares ‘On the weekend’. “For the new. For the life ahead.”

Brussels, Belgium based, MOLI, comes at us with ‘On The Weekend’. It’s a pop decadence, subtle in suggestions, like a breezy and romantic walk by the waters, the song delivers with an exuberance to inspiration of personal vigor and excitement. for the new. Also a dedication to the city (Berlin) that is such, ‘On The Weekend’ is a promise of the heart, to embrace the dark and the light of a new future.

“This song is inspired by my move to Berlin,” said MOLI. “When I first arrived as an 18 year old, I was so shocked when someone told me the clubs were open all weekend, all day and night… Berlin is a hub for lost souls. People who have just quit their jobs or divorced or that simply got lost. They come to Berlin to have a good time, take drugs and escape reality.

MOLI continued: “The magic and danger about Berlin is that the party never really stops and especially on the weekend. This was my main inspiration for this song. But also in general in our society, the weekend is an escape from reality. We run away from our responsibilities until Monday hits us with the truth. It’s about drinking or taking substances to run away from whatever is tormenting you in the real world.”

MOLIis inspired by young women like Greta Thunberg who are creating change and movement, and powerful figures like Jane Fonda who weave grace and determination through their work.

Storytelling from a unique and vibrant perspective is what MOLI, the project is all about.



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