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Molina Shares ‘Venus’. “Merging. Expanding. Never caustic, but intensely relevant.”

‘Venus’ is the return of MOLINA and her stacks of emotions and feelz. The nostalgic psyche-drenched indie-pop offering follows her debut EP (2017) and last year’s single ‘Hey Kids’ and ‘Mike’.

When we’d heard ‘Hey Kids’ we became all poetic and said: “Lazy days of school and summer came to pass, quickly and spread our enthusiasm for the new season, with zeal and impassioned grunts of growls, anew. You and I held hands for the new sun screens, of damned mornings, and kisses private. We were one and the same that summer. Our minds, our souls, our naked bodies of sensual touches and longings. We’d never be as happy as we were then.”

Her musical acumen, continues in ‘Venus’.

MOLINA is a Copenhagen based artist/producer/musician and she creates in a form of embrace. Merging, expanding, never pretentious – rounding about life’s little aura, never caustic, but intensely relevant.

Regarding the video for ‘Venus’ director Diane Guais stated: “The video tells a story of love, maternity and paternity on an old TV set which broadcasts spirituals images — a succession of universal memories and symbols. The screen becomes a nostalgic mirror in which we watch our fragmented past.”

‘Venus’ is produced by MOLINA, mixed by Luke Smith (Depeche Mode, Foals etc.) and mastered by Caspar Hesselager (Palace Winter).



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