Molly Hammar ‘Get To Know Me First’ : Refreshing and utterly summer, Molly brings her trademark pop to the fore.

Molly Hammar

Molly Hammar, the Swedish chart-topping RnB sensation hailing from Stockholm, offers her upbeat summer groove ‘Get To Know Me First’. The single was co-written with Benjamin Ingrosso, Philip Holmgren & Mack (Zara Larsson), produced by Philip Holmgren and features fellow Nordic artists Julie Bergan and Awa on vocals.

“When I wrote the lyrics for “Get To Know Me First”, it started as a celebration of single life,” said Molly, “but then evolved as a call for all women to dare to set boundaries and not “settle for less”. I was so happy when Awa and Julie jumped on the song as I think they are awesome and want us women to continue to support each other more than ever. This song is a tribute to all women”

Julie also said about the collaboration ‘Get To Know Me First’: “Is such a feel good tune and I’m thrilled to be singing with such talents and a my girls Molly and Awa. I love collaborating with other artists, but all female collabs feel extra special to me. People are always trying to pitch girls against each other, when we actually feel the opposite way! We support each other and have each other’s back. I hope this song can inspire other women to not be afraid to set their own boundaries, to know their worth and also inspire other women to applaud one another.”

Awa added: “I’m a huge advocate that self-love is the most important love. After being in a rut not knowing who I was, putting myself first helped me step into my power again. Setting boundaries and knowing what you want and demanding it, which is what this song is about is a crucial part in yourself love practice! I hope we can inspire you to love every part of yourself and not allow people to minimise you. Get to know and love you first, and the rest will follow.”

Refreshing and utterly summer, Molly brings her trademark pop to the fore with the tinge of naughty in an ocean of good vibin’ smiles.

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It’s important to practice self love and simply just accepting yourself! But how do you improve your self image? It’s actually pretty hard when your head is in a bad spiral and you keep thinking these negative thoughts about yourself. People can give you a thousand compliments and you still don’t believe them. So at least for me, after years of searching for acceptance and approval from the outside (which I know I still do at times), I’ve started searching more inside of myself. I’ve started to actively try to practice saying positive things about myself to myself. I write down daily reminders and things I’m happy about! One day I hope I’ll accept myself a 100% without relying on anyone else but me ❤️ There will always be good and bad days, and some days that compliment from your friend means everything. So I’m not saying that shouldn’t count! But deep down, to actually be able to love yourself completely, it has to start with you and your self image! Me, @mollyhammar & @thisisawa wanna see how you practice your self acceptance under the hashtag #ladieslookinglavish so we can create a climate here on Instagram that’s warmer and with women/people owning their bodies and themselves ❤️ So when do you feel your best? Your most comfortable? Your happiest? Your coolest or most beautiful? How do you turn those negative thoughts into something positive? Show us and use the hashtag #ladieslookinglavish and we’ll repost!!!

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We freaky.

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