Molly Hammar Shares Duet With Kim Cesarion In ‘Show Me’. “Takes you apart, fiber by fiber.”


Underneath an umbrella of love’s misgivings, the protagonist in MOLLY HAMMAR’s single ‘Show Me’ take you apart, fiber by fiber, as it drives with delicious r&b/soul beauty. Teaming up with KIM CESARION, the 21 year old pop artist Molly, delivers on another fabulously crafted and paced burner.

Based out of Stockholm, Molly co-wrote this decadent duet with Kim, perfectly demonstrating the way to collaborate in this day in age. Produced by Pontus Persson, ‘Show Me’ is the third single from Molly’s upcoming EP (Autumn 2019).

“Both myself and Kim are hopeless romantics,” Molly stated, “so when we got together in the studio for the first time it was clear that we were going to write a song about love. I hope that people who listen to the song will join us in spreading loving vibes to the world.”

Kim’s breakthrough came in 2013 with debut single ‘Undressed’. The track so more than 24 Million views on YouTube. He returned to prominence with his EP ‘Bleed’ in 2018.

“Seizing the opportunity to work with one of the best voices in Sweden was a total no brainer for me,” said Kim. “Me and Molly have a similar approach to the creative process the producer Pontus Persson was the perfect match. Now I’m just really excited about sharing the single and to delivering some Zouk vibes this summer!”

It’s how a song is delivered.

Technical, emotive, entertaining, expressive – many elements must come together to make a song both distinct and unique.

Molly’s ‘Show Me’ is a step forward, don’t you think?

Molly Hammar
Kim Cesarion


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