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Molly Kate – St. Rosie

Molly Kate says that “The heart is a suitcase”. Sure is. And in her song ‘St.Rosie’ is a beautifully written song of delight, wants, needs, expectations, results. Kick up the dirt, and let’s go! That’s what she’d say. We agree.

Turning around, and round.

It gets old, and repetitive.

Un-fulfillment is the rust that just eats away. There must be a way out – out of this rut. This rut that just digs 6 feet into the soul. Breaks down the joints, breaks down the will, breaks down the muscles, breaks down the enthusiasm.

‘St.Rosie’ isn’t about that ‘rut’.

But of the ‘journey’ just outside of being IN the ‘rut’, and the extremities just OUTSIDE of that ‘rut’.

Looking into the void of a black hole, traveling the billions of miles. The trip is over. Now we must enter the unknown.


Now we’re out, and on the other side of the black hole.

What happened inside the massive gravitational phenomenon?

Don’t know. Don’t remember.

But we’re out.

We’re free.

Free to restart, re-engage, re-fresh.

The travel must have been vital, but it’s time to move on.

“Thanks Adam. It was great while we lasted.” she said. “But we must go our separate ways.”

Molly’s sweetness in her vocals is beautiful to listen to, and it helps on the serenity of the subject.

We’re glad we go to know her, bit more.

We dig, and hope you can too.

Her latest 7 song album is named ‘St.Rosie’ and it was released in July 2017. It’s out now and for your purchase.

Kudos, Molly. Kudos.



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