Molly Ringworm ‘Stale’ : Effervescence, as you gainfully breathe in the freshness.

Molly Ringworm

Grizzled eau de parfum, radiates in the singing swift in lyrical angst and nostalgic profundity. Molly Ringworm’s ‘Stale’ instigates with pokes of jaunting irony and good humored effervescence, as you gainfully breathe in the freshness.

The song, in its development, searches for “honesty and raw emotion in an art world that values marketability and image”.

This New Jersey based indie rock band is a battle for inner strength and life rich wonders by Sarah Holt. It solidified into this current form of drenched DIY guitars and support delight with guitarist and cousin Johnny Zappas, bassist Andrew Simpson (Roach Coach) and drummer Niko Berardo (Lay Low).

It’s a return to when it seemed more innocent. With Molly Ringworm, we can have at it, once more.

Now, and forever.


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