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Møme // Kid Bloom // Frostyn // Emily Chambers // Late Night Thoughts

Møme – Sunday (featuring Goldwash)

French producer Møme’s EP ‘Møment II’ is the panacea for a warm summer’s afternoon, albeit only in your mind. Whenever you feel down and want a jolt of fun and sun-induced haze, you look towards the west. The Los Angeles artist performs around the world, Jérémy Souillart, makes it his duty to try out the ‘fun in the sun’ attitude where ever he may be. From all that first person testing, his musical outputs depict the same kind of enthusiasm for the goodness of what can be, in this world. We can live vicariously though Jérémy. Let’s do that.

Kid Bloom – Sugarcoat

KID BLOOM is an anomoly that we just can’t forget. It’s the kind of feeling you get from that unforgettable kiss from that girl you wanted to with. It’s like the feeling of being in love, and not caring about the future – as long he’s with you. And it’s that feeling of being right about the world, when getting home to her loving smile and thoughtfulness. The world melts away in all cases. ‘Sugarcoat’ is drizzled with the key work that is undeniable and as the r&b/rock attitude bringing you up to another level of emotional expressions – you just collapse with pride and joy. Her smile – ‘Sugarcoat’. His gaze – ‘Sugarcoat’. Her love for you, even if riddled with frailties – KID BLOOM. We are happy.

Frostyn – This Is How It’s Gonna Be

‘This Is How It’s Gonna Be’ by FROSTYN is a pop-funk single that mixes synth and 80’s sensibilities, in a jammin’ tune. A tune that is part shoegazy, coming-of-age, and certainly tasty. Austin McLaughlin is in fact the heart behind FROSTYN, and the Minneapolis, Minnesota based artist brings pop-art to the fore, with a never ending vigil to positivity and outward looking energy for the future. No, he’s not running for the seat of Student Council President. He’s just running to keep the Universe at bay, just enough for all of us – his fans – fed with delicious notes of sincerity and generosity. Cool, ain’t it?

Emily Chambers – Left Alabama

Making the rounds, around the states to those countries outside the border, then returning to the one you love – what a beautiful way to live, right? EMILY CHAMBERS is a practical and romantic, die-hard of a fan for all that’s shimmer and drenched in romanticism. She’s just like us. But with a fabulous lyrical attention, and vocal distinction, she tells of tales of and for love. And to us audience members, she transfers our emotions to that exact place of purity, which we seldom get a chance to feel in our lifetime. In a brief pause, we can have that chance to feel what we’d been missing. “I wrote this song when I was driving from New Orleans to Nashville (where I now live) for the first time,” stated Emily. “Earlier that same year I had quit my day job working in insurance to do music full time, bought said camper van, and planned this tour. I manifested that exact moment; it was bad ass.” In our opinion, you have to be ‘bad ass’ yourself to seek out what you want. ‘Left Alabama’ is a cool starting point for the rest of us.

Late Night Thoughts – Dust

“So we wrote a song about moments. Moments that come and go, that fade to dust,” stated LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS. “We understand a lot of the industry is orchestrated by publicists, labels and financial capabilities, but we hope, being college students with big dreams (and not a lot of money), that our song itself can do the orchestrating.” All of the angsts and trepidations in pursuing a career, is made better when the constructed music is a quality of a high order. That’s what we hear in ‘Dust’. The folk framed pop single is delicious to all of the struggles of those who seek, even at the hardest of times – to see where their passions will take them. LNT’s talents have matured to a fine grain. This pop duo made up of Brian Rauch and Michael Harlow makes things just a tad better to be in the world.


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