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MOMENT Shares ‘Ophelia’. “Excruciatingly cool, warm, and everything in between.”

The beautiful sentiments of MOMENT is excruciatingly cool, warm, and everything in between.

We’d stated MOMENT as: “When you fall in love, you have a song in your heart. It sings like it’s on top of the world. And maybe, just maybe, you have the gumption for true love and when that certain song plays…”

They stay true to that method of communicating to the listener. They did for us. And in the moments of lapse, not understanding what golden opportunities you have in front of you, you wake up and listen to your heart.

MOMENT stated: “The song is about a previous relationship that ended in the worst possible way. We fought too hard to make it right, even if we never were good together.”

Is it too late?

Won’t know until you try.


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