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MOMS Shares ‘Staring at You’. “Lean in. Get in.”

Hanjun Bae and Nick Kim make front this project named MOMS. And they are realists, who dream big in celestial appetites in hunger for the unknown and the departed notions of the day-to-day. They make bedroom-pop, into something a bit more. Bit salty. Bit angular. Bit nostalgic. Sweetly, bitter.

According to the duo, their hallowed story began when they met in high-school all the way back in 2015. Started recording songs and the Los Angeles based frontmen, built a quartet, adding Steven Guillen and Julio Barajas.




Nihilistically productive.

‘Staring At You’ follows their EP ‘Blood Brothers’ and it continues to explore the lighter and the dark, with standards jazz fused, and tattle-tale lyrics framed. Chords reminding of tropical intuitions and rendezvous, the single delights with a gentle tap of insanity, and a beckoning towards the language of being in love.

In their own way, of course.

Lean in. Get in.



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