Moncrieff ‘In My Room’ (Video) : Emotion and melancholia, in a pandemic world.


The track showcases Moncrieff impressive higher register and his skill as an observational lyricist, capturing the overriding sense of collective helplessness on an individual and global level. ‘In My Room’ is a heartfelt song about isolation and pandemic in the world. It’s piano-based with tonnes emotion and melancholia. Would really appreciate any coverage.

“I hope you’re all staying safe and relatively sane during these crazy days… I wrote something that’s basically about how I feel about all the madness of the last few days. I’ve decided to release it in its raw demo form, it feels like the world is ending so fuck it why not.”

Moncrieff’s single is a fabulously built ballad, out of that same inspiration that has driven all of us to a new place. How, when, where, becomes a survival tactic now more than ever, as we remind ourselves that parts of us hadn’t been really ‘alive’ for a long time.


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