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Mondo Cozmo Shares ‘Tonight Tonight’. Ready For The Battle Royal.

“I swear I ordered the pizza with peppers on one half, and sausage on the other. I think they got the order wrong on this one.” Zak was a person of meticulous tastes, not sartorially, but of items that he particularly liked or in this case, a pizza he just wanted the right topping on.

“It’s not that hard is it?” he said to himself, of the shop who took his order. “They do this all the time don’t they?”

In an odd phase of circumstances, he’d had his music on, and there was MONDO COZMO’s ‘Tonight Tonight’. While he was thinking and getting a bit annoyed by the mistake on the pizza, unknown to him his feet started moving and slightly stomping to the beat of the single on his speakers.

As he stood there at the kitchen table, staring at his pizza pie with the wrong ingredients on top – he felt at ease and a slight smile came on to his tanned face.

“That song’s awesome,” said Zak, as he started to dial the shop’s phone number, ready for a battle royal of words.

MONDO COZMO consists of some creative guys and takes the folk music theme to a very much pop and entertaining level. Many already know this, and we’re on board as well.

Kudos, we say. Kudos.

Latest LP ‘Your Motherfuc*er’ is out now.



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