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Mønevann ‘Everything Falls Into Place’ : Both effervescent and of the gray. Revealed, and succumbed.

That horizon is still there to grab.

Norweigian 6 piece, Mønevann, clamors for your hand, to touch and reach, the sight of your horizons. A clinging perpetration for the heart in hand, the promiscuously decadent, rises above the rest, as the dust of fallen wisps, dangle with outreached efforts. The stride of masochism, drips with fear, and handles itself with care and abandon – honing its tentacles of lust and of fury, to amass in mass destruction.

“‘Everything Falls Into Place is focused on overcoming anxiety,” stated the band. “It’s about talking yourself into wanting to do anything, hoping that things will be OK afterwards.”

The alternative pop inspired by artists such as Bon Iver, The National, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, The Cinematic Orchestra, Thomas Dybdahl and Death Cab For Cutie, culminates with huge waves of affection through its single ‘Everything Falls Into Place’. The deep waters of emotions, swell with deep chested pride, and with it the soaring vigil of incantations and uplifting voices, mount on the top of that peak of peaks.

Consisting of Simen Tjora (guitar/banjo), Lars Håvard Myklatun (guitar/lapsteel), Kim Erik Berg (guitar/vocals), Christian Moe Bråttvik (piano/keys), Jarle Skår Nor (bass) and Hans Marius Indahl (drums), the vibe of the band is of a pop-vigil – a feeling that is both effervescent (for the things yet to be revealed) and of the grayish mortality (for the things that has made you what you are today).

A contrast of self loathing and celebration, seems to permeate ‘Everything Falls Into Place’, as it slowly tells you of the unintended morality of what it is like to live and let live.

That horizon is still there to grab.


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