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Money & The Man Share ‘I Wanna Know’.

Henk Wesselink and Ymte Koekkoek make up this band of their’s named MONEY & THE MAN, and with this single ‘I Wanna Know’, they slap the ‘silly’ out of you with some kick-butt riffs from a classic rock induced roller coaster. Well, it’s a steady roller coaster of a song, but if you can imagine an armored roller coaster, with weapons of mass impact on the front, ready to maul you to death.

The song is a bludgeoning of your head, in the rear, until it’s nice and soft like a dropped honey-dew melon.

The song is a balloon filled with acid, ready to pop over your head, ready to burn you to another species.

The song is a back pack full of hard-rock power chords, ready for you to try to open.


Love songs like this with just a great amount of attitude, muster, and a whole lot of rock. The vocals produced for this is infectious, and it’s willing.

Money & The Man is the panacea – if you want to just feel bad-ass.

We kinda were in the mood, and boy, we got our “money’s” worth (sorry for the pun).

The self titled debut album is out now, and will drop in November of 2018.




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