monmoi ‘new breed’ : Good natured monmoi, is a great addition to this hectic world.


“This is a song about the millennials in comparison to the baby boomers,” stated monmoi. “How boomers have control of the world, but royally fucking it up. With reference to Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg and the greed of the older generation, this is a political stand against our elders who are ignoring the voices of the younger generations.”

Ah. The gap of generations. Never gets any different, eh? Well, it sure has narrowed as the world has become more empathetic inwards and out. But as monmoi indicates, there will always be the gap that initiates such vitriol, especially when politics are at play.

Wonder if the 60’s were like this?

Anyways. Delightful charms of monmoi’s production is lo-fi bedroom pop with hints dreamy psychedelic rock, that just curdles into mounds of joy and ecstasy. A project born out of extra time in lockdown and previously unfulfilled potential, the talented wisdom of monmoi, comes through in full monty.

Good natured monmoi, is a great addition to this hectic world.


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