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Monotone Nonsense Shares Oddly Fantastic ‘Whithered Little Lies’.

‘Whithered Little Lies’ is a single off of their latest EP ‘The Dabbler’. And the single is a soaring indie-rock experience, with the dapper radicalism for a life lived and could live.

Starting off with the drums, this single simply inspires you to join them in this little journey. And coupled with the calm and matter-of-fact style vocal style, keeps you grounded, but fluttering with expectations for the grand reveal.

Traveling at the speed of light, we drove to the horizon together and we laughed. We laughed at the future’s harms and happiness, alike. They didn’t infringe on our thoughts and premises for how we wanted to depict our end results. They didn’t matter too much to us. The end results would handle themselves fine, if we know exactly what we wanted from now, to then. The journey was more important. It’s all there is.

“Come on, Becka. Let’s march on together.”

She nodded, “I’m with you.”

They kissed, held hands, and walked into the new vision.

The grand reveal in this single is in the bridge. The payoff is so very delectable. You just want MORE, and MORE, from the band. The construction of the singles from the new EP goes on and on with fan-tabulous lessons in how indie-rock could be.

We encourage you all to visit and absorb their EP.

We sure will.

Don’t know too much about the Sweden based band yet, but looking forward to it in the months to come.


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