Monotronic ‘Kids of Summer’ : Speaks to the times. Youth energy we are seeing out in the streets.


The music and beat of ‘Kids of Summer’ was inspired by some of the electronic music of current days.

Said Ramsey Elkholy of Monotronic: “It’s got an upbeat vibe that feels right for summer, but also speaks to the times, in terms of all the youth energy we are seeing out in the streets, which I think is leading to real change. A BLM-inspired video will be released on the same day as the song release.”

Monotronic is a collection of musicians based in New York City that blend a wide array of genres and styles to produce a unique sound of their own. The band was founded in 2016 by guitarist/producer Ramsey.

The band is completed by Adam Ahuja, Devin Collins, Alex Hayes and Doug Yowell.


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