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Monteagle’s (Justin from Nassau) New Project Makes Us Weep. In Silence. Knowing The Pain.

Justin Giles Wilcox is Monteagle and in his new project moniker the American singer-songwriter draws in the solum with the individualistic awkwardness – where the combination of ingredients bring forth the aromatically pungent sweetness, we all can and would die for; the love of the loving-self, destitute and sometimes lost.

The haunting presentation by Monteagle, is indicative of what can drive the soul, to plead, to shout, to glorify. Putting on the highlights of life’s little street fences, wooden and fragile, yet, enough to deter – the confound complexities of emotions flow right in the river of your heart.

I find myself, in that vastness of the void, deeply surrounded.

By the seas of the hark-ness, in postponed train stops.

Seeking out the trees in green, amongst the reds of current hue.

Lost again, and again, without rudder and control of my urges.

I find myself, in that vastness of the void, deeply overwhelmed.

The two singles on Monteagle’s EP are two beautifully crafted asterisks, in this mountain range of audible checkmarks.

We think you should have a listen.

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