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Monterrey Shares ‘Come Home’. “Build you ‘home’ now and for the eternity to come.”

MONTERREY is a project headed by artist/producer, Roger del Pino. He and his bandmates, Aldo Canals (guitars), Renzo Zanata (bass) and David Hidalgo (drums), offers up intrinsic vibes and aromatic fissures in personality and incandescence that shimmer with validity and in contrast. It progresses in electronics that does not hinder the process of understanding.

Said the band: “‘Come Home’ is a melancholic but hopeful track about not holding people back from what they want from life. It’s about returning to the place or feeling that feels like home.”

‘Come Home’ is a commentary to what can and does exist in the minds of our fellow human. We are built this way to pin point with accuracy where we stand and how far we can travel in this life. ‘Come Home’ is also a cautionary tale of knowing what you have and making sure you take care of it, endear it, love it, and be humbled by the chance to know it so.

Founded in 2015, they are loosely based on a moniker derived from an image of the Mexican city while browsing through National Geographic magazines.

‘Come Home’ is the future that hasn’t happened yet. Build you ‘home’ now and for the eternity to come.



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