Monticolombi ‘Pavement’ : Folded neatly into a sparkle in vocal attentions and ambrosia. Danceable vibe that bops.


Chill pop r&b and hiphop marks the edges of what Monticolombi’s single ‘Pavement’ represents. A slide of shoegazy notes, folded neatly into a sparkle in vocal attentions and ambrosia, ‘Pavement’ is a danceable vibe that bops.

Monticolombi is the alias of young creative Jamie Hicks

Said Jamie: “’Pavement’ is a product of lockdown. After being surrounded by overwhelming negativity in the outside world, all I wanted to do was create a little piece of happiness to help people to hurdle the issues of the day-to-day with ease. Produced by Steven Bamidele and featuring Caswell, this euphoric track is made to make you smile.”

From a personal illness in 2019, Jamie started this groovy project in 2019.

Being “positive” is the aim of this project, Jamie stated, and with songs like ‘Pavement’, there is no doubt his gift to his listeners is exactly that.

Let’s bop, indeed.


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