Moon Bounce ‘Hook’ : Returns after a 3 year bout. LP ‘Skip Intro’ to drop Feb 21st 2020.

The fabulous production is unique on all fronts.

Moon Bounce

Following nearly three years of silence and a battle with anxiety disorder, Moon Bounce returns with his sophomore full-length LP, ‘Skip Intro’ (February 21, 2020).

“‘Hook’ emerged from a blossoming romance between my wife (rapper Push Push) and I,” said MB. “What started as a casual flirtation (she was visiting from South Africa, I had just moved to LA to live with Tommy Lee) quickly became full blown infatuation.”

Moon Bounce’s signature sound is still intact and more pristine than ever; obtuse rhythms, helium-soaked vocals and larger-than-life production create an immersive environment. Drop, push, roll – the combinations of hook and parry, electrify as they hone on your pleasure points and makes you want to perk and bounce. Corey Regensburg is Moon Bounce. And he takes aim at his own blend of sounds with dance music, R&B, and even the rhythmic lurch of metal, adding to his output.

Gaining notoriety from his prior EPs, including 2014’s ‘Dress Rehearsal’, Moon Bounce’s ambitious compositions and cutting acrobatics, brings substance to a landscape of one and done.

His album ‘Skip Intro’ should be a fab release, if ‘Hook’ says anything about what’s to come.


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