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Moon Honey Shares ‘Mask Maker’. “I’m Not Being Melodramatic. It’s The Proper Starting Point, Tis All.”

“Are you happy doing what you do to yourself?”

“Probably not.”

“Oh yea? Surprised you answered that way. All through out the years I’ve known you, it’s not your style to reply so honestly about yourself.”

“Things change. Or evolve, depending on the perspective.”

“Guess so. So, what made you answer that way?”

“I looked honestly at myself, two nights ago. And I didn’t like what I was doing; subjugating myself to a slavish movement every day – pretending to be one, pretending to be another. I just wanted out of this cage.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic, Sal.”

“I’m not being melodramatic. It’s the proper starting point, tis all.”

“Base camp?”

“Yep. Base camp; place to start looking, when all have been stripped down to the basics.”

“True. Cheers to that.”

MOON HONEY’s ‘Mask Maker’ points out some basics of human (self-inflicted) faults and most of the time, non-harmful methods of communications in this world. We are what we are, then we adapt to the stresses put upon us, from within and without. We do our best, but knowing that we do, maybe a good healthy vitamin to take, sometimes.

We’re interesting animals. That’s why Jess Joy (vocals), Andrew Martin (guitar), and Logan Baudean (drums) make this kind of music. And we dig it, like colorful silk handkerchiefs.




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