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Moon Panda // Bob Sumner // Coyle Girelli // The Real Doug Lane // Stand Up and Say No

Moon Panda – Gun

Maddy Myers is the art behind MOON PANDA. The woozy decadence of her songs is quite infamous in these parts. And with ‘Gun’, her proportionate musical assault to the senses is collaborated with guitarist Gustav Moltke. And working off of the fabulous debut of her previous debut single ‘Rabbit’, she keeps the momentum going. And by leveraging the delicious vocals she possesses, her music down right crushes the distance between the lover and the moon of our choice. The colors are muted, but ‘Gun’ releases the joint venture of the two separate hearts. Hold her hand.

Bob Sumner – Riverbed

In January of 2019, the first debut solo record from BOB SUMNER comes down from the tree line of our horizon, to be listened to and witnesses. The folk goodness permeates philosophies of by-gone eras of our society. But at the same time, delegates the commonality of the human heart, that exists despite the gap between the past and now. Affection of emotional dividends, make for complicated bed-mates. Bob’s interpretations of such issues, are soothed away when listening to the calm exposition of a song like ‘Riverbed’. With individuality in mind, Bob gains and controls his own anchor, excited to plant his musical roots for our ears to absorb. Let the beautiful, rolling loveliness of ‘Riverbed’ coax you. Be guided.

Coyle Girelli – The Lights

We don’t do Christmas specific singles or album. But with COYLE GIRELLI’s original holiday single, we couldn’t resist. Coyle is a rock singer/songwriter who brings the emotions and chops that are in the best of traditions we love and admire. ‘The Lights’ stands on its own, even if it’s not dubbed as a Christmas related single. And that’s where it shines. It’s love and love alone that keeps the brilliance, as it was meant to be felt. Reminiscent of artists like Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond, and other masters, Coyle always knows what to do with the sounds that he constructs. His debut solo full length album ‘Love Kills’, which was release in September is available as well. Kudos, Coyle. Kudos.

The Real Doug Lane – After All the Drinking’s Done

It’s a proven fact: drinking makes everyone more merry. And it is a good thing that we all drink a bit more during the holiday season. And think about it. Where would we be without the drinking we do with total strangers and familiar folk alike? Must more stressed and less gentle, maybe? THE REAL DOUG LANE agrees that there will be a price to pay, but during the long night of comradery, all will be accepted. Why not, right? The fresh single of ‘After All the Drinking’s Done’ gets to the core, and we ain’t disagreeing with out basic human vices. Ask your dad. He’ll definitely agree.

Stand Up and Say No – Soon

STAND UP AND SAY NO is the sound project of Andre Nault. And ‘Soon’ is his latest in a series of concepts on reason, speculation, rationality, and emotions. It digs deep with sultry vocals, stroking the egos of hard-pounding immovable chords, taking the world in stride. Andre fell out of love with music for a long while. But the DNA’s call to return to the world that he loved, brings him to the current with impactful additions to his offerings. The rebel against the conventional, has come back. “I remember one evening watching television and thinking to myself ‘Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life? Is this how you want the kids to remember you?’” His answer was, of course, “No.”


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