Moon Panda ‘Slow Drive’ : With the kind of wafting drafts of spring breeze. Overwhelmingly undeniable.

Moon Panda

Moon Panda shares laid back, woozy single ‘Slow Drive’ taken from their dreamy new EP ‘Make Well’. “All in all it’s about healing, both together and by ourselves. It’s been the toughest year yet. But we’ve been together, and that’s something”, said Maddy Myers, songwriter/bassists/vocalist of Moon Panda.

Continued Maddy: “I started this song during one of the 3-4 month stints when Gustav and I were stuck apart from each other in our home countries. The time difference made it tough to connect and I found myself having trouble sleeping and getting a little anxious. I wrote the bass and lyrics to this song as a way to calm myself down and find some inner peace. When we were together again we turned it into a full song together. I still feel a sense of inner peace every time we play it.”

This dream-psyche indie band is the bee’s knees with the kind of wafting drafts of spring breeze. Maddy’s voice is a sultry siren, with undertone of ‘dread’ and ‘sexual freedom’ that is just overwhelmingly undeniable. The arrangement and progression of the single has been a fabulous experience, from start to finish.

BBC 6 Music with Lauren Laverne declared ‘Slow Drive’ her “favourite release of the year so far…top of the pile for me” as well as receiving global airplay from stations in New York, Canada, California, Poland, Greece, Australia, Mexico and even Macedonia.

Along with Danish guitarist Gustav Moltke, Maddy and the project’s ‘MAKE WELL’ EP sees them reflect on where they are, what has happened along the way, and what needs to happen before they can look towards the future.


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